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The Sarnoff Collection was originally established by RCA in 1967 as the David Sarnoff Library. Over the decades, the collection grew to include a museum, archives, and library. The museum collection, which comprises more than 6,000 artifacts related to the major developments in communication during the 20th century, was donated to The College of New Jersey in 2010. At the same time the library and archival holdings, which include Sarnoff's papers and memorabilia; 25,000 photographs; and thousands of notebooks, reports, and publications related to the histories of RCA and the RCA Laboratories, were transferred to the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ includes artifacts related to David Sarnoff's life; RCA, NBC, Victor Talking Machine Company, and Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America; the history of radio, television, broadcasting, audio and video recording and reproduction, electron microscopy, radar, vacuum tubes, transistors, solid-state physics, semiconductors, lasers, liquid-crystal displays, integrated circuits, microprocessors, computers, communications satellites, and other technologies RCA played an important role in inventing and developing; and some of the many people, beside Sarnoff, who made these technologies work.

The research, cataloguing, and imaging of the Sarnoff Collection is an ongoing project. The information in the collection database, available through this website, is continuously updated as new or expanded information becomes available. Visitors to this website are encouraged to submit comments in the box included with each object record and to share their knowledge about the collection.

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Last updated: 8/10/2020